t1larg car talkers illo cnn 10 Most Annoying Smartphone Habits

Everyone has a reason for loving their smart-phone, why it’s the best, and why the other phones all suck. Smart-phones have changed the way many people communicate. They’ve also changed people’s behavior while using them in public, and the irritating habits of those around us. Below is a list of CNN’s top ten most annoying smart phone habits.

The Behind-the-Wheel Chatterbox

This is typical for when someone cuts you off, doesn’t use their blinker, or is driving way under the speed limit. You then finally get the chance to get back at them, only to find out the reason for their bad driving skills is that they can’t talk and drive. Go figure. You received a free headset with the phone. Use it. Or at least watch the road while you’re talking.

The Movie Theater Lightning Bug

That little trailer at the beginning of the movie with someone on their phone and the glow lights up the whole cinema. Yep. That’s you. This no longer applies to talking during the movie, but also lighting up your screen. Did you really pay $10 to come text your friends and check your Facebook in a large dark room? Think about it.

The Bathroom Stall Texter (or Talker)

Seriously? I mean, really? Enough said.

The Smartphone Superiority Complex

Everyone loves a healthy debate about the pros and cons of various gadgets and gizmos. Especially me. But does that really make someone who prefers a different product technologically illiterate? No. Be nice. Heaven forbid someone publicly admit these days that the like their Blackberry. Bless their heart. A little back-and-forth bickering is one thing. An hourlong diatribe about the evils of the most recent operating system is another. You’re wasting your time.

The Social Situation Dropout (A very short screenplay)

This is when you’re at a Sunday brunch with your sweetie when you notice the guy at the next table pull out his phone, tap a few things on it, and set it on the table. He’s with his potential sweetie as well. A few minutes go by as well as some conversation. Then another Husband pulls out his phone and does the same thing. His wife asks him if he’s playing words with friends. He smirks, she hits him and puts the phone down even though he’s bummed and was about to win his game.

Waiting for the Next Big Thing

You’re at the mall with your BFF and they walk around the whole time with their phone in the their hands. So their using it, but not quite. She looks at it every few minutes, waiting for a text, a Tweet, or a Facebook notification to pop up. Maybe even an email. Translation: “I love shopping with my BFF but I live and constantly hope that the the next thing will be more interesting.”

Bluetooth, or Crazy Person?

If you can pull it off, you can really make a bluetooth look worthy of you. Just remember, to most the world, you just look like you’re a crazy bum talking to yourself. Especially if you’re walking. If you’re in a restaurant, you’re annoying. Sort out your life.

The ‘App for That’ Joker

Good marketing campaign. Applause. But it’s been a year and a half and no one cares now when you respond with, “there’s an app for that.” The phrase is, after all, trademarked by Apple. They could sue you for saying it. Watch your back. Okay, not true, but it was worth a shot.

The Dirty Cheater

Who doesn’t love having the Internet in the palm of your hand? But that doesn’t mean you should be cheating from your pocket on your mid-term exam. Plus, that’s not fair to those of us who didn’t have that options when we were in college. Ahem.

The Disappearing Non-Vibrator

You didn’t set your phone to vibrate when you left it on your desk and went into a half-day meeting. Your co-workers are happy for you that you downloaded Sir Mix-A-Lot’s classic “Baby Got Back” as your ringtone. But it sort of hurts my brain to listen to a full 40 seconds of it before your voicemail picks up. And when this happens 18 times while you’re in your meeting, don’t blame me for throwing against the nearest wall. You’d do the same.


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