detroit 1 8 7 10 Detroit 1 8 7 In Jeopardy Of Being Cancelled

ABC’s “Detroit 1-8-7″ is in danger of being 187′d itself due to less-than-ideal ratings.

While the network continues to ponder whether it will give the show a full season order, TV Guide’s Stephen Battaglio has written a piece arguing that the gritty series – filmed entirely on location in Detroit – is its own little stimulus package for a city that has been hard hit by the economic recession.

Aisha Hinds, who plays Lt. Maureen Mason on ABC’s Detroit 1-8-7, was feeling the love recently while at a Trader Joe’s in Royal Oak, Michigan. “A woman wanted to give me her entire cart of groceries,” she says. “I just came in for a bottle of water.”

The first 13 episodes of the show will inject as much as $29 million into the battered economy of the area, where the unemployment rate is almost 14 percent. Nearly 200 local people are on the production’s payroll, and 15 actors from the area are typically used for an episode. One scene can provide a day’s work for as many as 146 background actors or extras.

The Detroit 1-8-7 cast members, many of whom live in the city and its outlying neighborhoods, immerse themselves in the downtown art scene, charity functions and fine dining (Crave in Dearborn is a favorite), and show up at Detroit Tigers games and college football games at Michigan Stadium. Along the way, they hear firsthand how the show is making a difference in the lives of locals.

I asked one of the transportation drivers how he was doing and he said, ‘I look at my life six months ago and think about how much life has changed because I have a job on this show,’” says Erin Cummings, who plays medical examiner Dr. Abby Ward. “My stand-in has three daughters. This is not just a cop show on ABC on Tuesday night. This is something that’s making a difference in a city that a lot of people in America have written off as dead.”

But like most new 10 p.m. dramas this season, Detroit 1-8-7 has struggled in the ratings. The network has yet to decide on giving a full season order to the show. It would pay for ABC to take a close look at the value of shooting in Detroit before giving up. Michigan’s incentive program for film work gives the producers a 40 percent rebate on what they spend in the state. That means a show that typically costs around $3.5 million to make is coming in for about $2.6 million, the cost of most original basic-cable dramas.


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  1. DonVon says:

    I love this show! Reminds me alot of NYPD Blue. Motown music background. Give it a chance, PLEASE!

  2. Pamela J. B. says:

    This show is great. Love the dual cases in each show. The actors
    are super. Don’t throw away a great show without even giving it a fair chance. If the problem is that it is conflicting with another show,
    please consider a time or day change.

  3. Lynne says:

    Please renew this unusual and realistic crime drama. I am a former Detroiter (Chicago for over 20 yrs) and appreciate the writer’s ear for ‘Detroit-speak’. For example, in one of the episodes they talked about drinking, ‘pop’. In the rest of the country, I’ve come to learn, it’s called ‘soda’. This show just needs time to build a following.

  4. ya ya says:

    I love eve crime shows and this one put a funny spin on the ones that are extra serious. The show is great and it highlights Detroit! PLEASE KEEP IT GOING!

  5. Ed says:

    Best new show on TV. Give it a chance!

  6. Jennifer says:

    This is a great show. I’m tired of the good shows being cancelled, while the ridiculous reality shows continue to get plenty of air time. I enjoyed the Unusuals — it got cancelled. I enjoyed Southland — it got cancelled. I’m really enjoying Detroit 187 and now it too might be cancelled. I have to agree with many critics; the best shows on the air are on HBO, FX (which is where southland went), Showtime etc. because basic cable just keeps cancelling the good ones. I live beside the Detroit border and I know how hard that city was hit with unemployment. I thought this show was really good for the city. I don’t understand why the ratings are low.

  7. saundra smouse says:

    A great show. Keeps my attention with the different plot twists.
    It is so nice to see Detroit in a more positive light. I’ve lived there for 40 years and am proud to say it! Love the mix of great well-known actors with great new faces. Ranks right up there with NYPD Blue and Homicide. Let’s showcase other cities not just the Big Apple!

  8. tv watcher says:

    detroit 187 is one off the best shows on tv today, too bad it did not get a good time slot, shame on the execs who pick shows they can’t see how good this one is

  9. bob burke says:

    Great show with a super cast. Seems the good ones get dumped, but this one is realistic and entertaing. No causes to push, just entertainment. Imperioli is at his best.

    bring it back.

  10. SJ says:

    We like the characters on Detroit. They are believable. I do get tired of the pre-empting all the time, however. They should take into account how the show helps the economy of Detroit City also. I get tired of LA and NY all the time. There are other cities in this country. I say keep this show.

  11. jo says:

    This show is GREAT! I look forward to Tuesday nites.

  12. colleen Kelly says:

    this is one of the few shows on network television that I watch. One of these days, I will be a solely HBO, Showtime and news watcher. Some of the shows that don’t get cancelled offend my intelligence. Let;s give this quality show a chance even if it is moved to a different time slot.

  13. Snow Bunny says:

    I would love to see this show renewed, but I’m not hopeful. The Neilsen boxes seems to end up only in homes filled with people who like (what I consider) to be boring or stupid, such as Seinfeld, The Office, Friends, Everybody Loves Raymond, and similar shows.

  14. monica says:

    love the show. it needs to stay on air totally .

  15. Carly says:

    These stations pull shows wayyyy to early – they don’t give a show time to build a following. Can you imagine with past shows such as “Bonanza”, “Mary Tyler Moore Show”, “All in the Family”, etc…if they pulled them after only a few episodes? It’s ridiculous today, if they are not always changing the time and day that a show airs (that you can’t find the show anymore)…then they are pulling it before we even know if it’s a good or bad show? Who is in charge of this? A bunch of young exec types that wouldn’t know a good show if it hit them in the face!

  16. Matt Booher says:

    If ABC cancels this show, perhaps we can hold out hope this gets picked up by TNT, FX, AMC, or another channel. This and Southland are two excellent cop dramas that just need more time to build an audience. Meanwhile garbage like the Bachelor/Bachelorette series continues to get recycled. Sad.

  17. wes p. says:

    was is always that when a show worth watching and it’s a lot better than what is on now why do they take it off.It’s the real world out there and we need to see it.There is wy to much comedy on tv

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