glee adam rose fox Glee Prom: Top Ten Most Heart Wrenching Duets From Glee

Photo by Adam Rose//Fox

Do you have a date for prom tonight? Glee’s bound-for-drama-and-catfights prom, that is? This week, a video teaser of  Rachel and her sexy, but devious ex-boyfriend from Vocal Adrenaline, Jesse St. John, popped up. If that is not emotion-evoking enough, the teaser shows them singing Adele’s smash-hit song “Rolling In The Deep.”

We started thinking about all the different heart-wrenching, tear-provoking amalgamations of couples have occured in the tiny confines of McKinley High’s New Directions and the duets these relationships have inspired.

Grab a box of tissues, watch Rachel and Jesse sing “Rolling In The Deep,” then check out our other favorite duets from seasons past.

10. Rachel and Jesse-“Rolling In The Deep

glee ep201 sc38 075 adam rose Glee Prom: Top Ten Most Heart Wrenching Duets From Glee

As much as we think Finnchel is a cute couple in their own dramatic way, we’ve always loved Jesse St. John and Rachel together. Even though he was set up to crush on her, there is a steamy dynamic between the two that makes the relationship seem a lot more adult than Finn and Rachel together.

Watching them sing “Rolling In The Deep” from tonight’s episode is just further proof that their chemistry is jaw-dropping.

9. Rachel and Kurt-“Defying Gravity

glee ep201 sc48 012 adam rose Glee Prom: Top Ten Most Heart Wrenching Duets From Glee

Both Kurt and Rachel probably have the highest PTBS (Potential To Be Slushied) out of everyone in New Directions. Why? Because they are both incredibly unique, minorities, and, let’s face it, the loudest theatre geeks in the school.

When the two sing “Defying Gravity,” our hearts drop to the floor remembering our days in high school musicals. Maybe we didn’t get slushied but we remember what it was like to not fit into a cheerleading skirt.

8. Finn and Quinn-“I Don’t Wanna Know

glee ep211 sc34 034 adam rose1 Glee Prom: Top Ten Most Heart Wrenching Duets From Glee

From last week’s Fleetwood Mac “Rumours” episode (and probably our favorite), this is the first duet Finn and Quinn have sung together. It’s totally emotional because you can see the lack of trust going through the character’s faces as they sing it.

And the way Finn still feels about Rachel.

Didn’t Finn break up with Rachel for “cheating” on him because he could never trust her again after what happened with him and Quinn? And he’s back together with Quinn? Who might be cheating on him again? God, this is so confusing.

7. Puck and Will Schuester-“Somewhere Over The Rainbow

iglee ep120 sc15 0035 adan rose Glee Prom: Top Ten Most Heart Wrenching Duets From Glee

Not especially emotional per se, but this song always gets to us–no matter who sings it. Plus, it was a song on one of the Glee finales (with the way they split up television these days we never know what that really means), so it made us get a lump in our throat thinking about no more Glee.

6. Quinn and Sam-“Lucky

iglee ep121 sc13 064 adam rose picnik1 Glee Prom: Top Ten Most Heart Wrenching Duets From Glee

Quinn has such a wistful voice and a sweet nature about her–when she is actually being nice. A lot of the tear-jerking romanticism behind her duet with Sam is the innocent way she holds his guitar strings, looking up at him with hope that she is doing it right.

It’s those intimate moments that make all the horribly cheesy moments of Glee worth it.

5. Kurt and Blaine-“Baby, It’s Cold Outside

fglee ep120 sc11 204 adam rose picniks Glee Prom: Top Ten Most Heart Wrenching Duets From Glee

Remember back in the day when everyone was waiting for Blaine and Kurt to finally stop flirting with each other and actually make-out? Everything they did together was full of sexual tension, despite Kurt’s apparent lack of knowledge in the birds and the bees.

During this episode where they sang “Baby It’s Cold Outside,” we were sitting on the edge of our seat whispering frantically, “Kiss each other! Kiss!” They didn’t. And we were so disappointed.

4. Rachel and Finn-“Faithfully

bglee ep121 sc34 119 adam rose Glee Prom: Top Ten Most Heart Wrenching Duets From Glee

The first song from their epic “Journey” episode at regionals, Finn and Rachel had either just gotten together, gotten back together, realized they loved each other, stopped fighting, or something. It’s hard to keep up with the storyline.

Regardless, they were really happy and make our hearts leap with that sweet, blissed-out look they always give each other.

3. Rachel and Quinn-“I Feel Pretty/Unpretty

214glee ep214 sc30 138 adam rose Glee Prom: Top Ten Most Heart Wrenching Duets From Glee

We all have insecurities and in this case, a broken-nose Rachel was tempted into getting her nose fixed to look exactly like Quinn’s nose. What is so emotional about this song is watching as these two differently beautiful women struggle with their delusional body images.

We’ve all been there. Let’s just say our knowing response was borderline sobbing, at best.

2. Rachel and her mom (Idina Menzel)-“I Dreamed A Dream

209gs2ep209 sc38 jl 0900 adam rose Glee Prom: Top Ten Most Heart Wrenching Duets From Glee

An episode with “I Dreamed A Dream!” And Rachel’s mom! And Idina Menzel, the famous Broadway actress as Rachel’s mom! We’ve been huge fans of Menzel after obsessively idolizing her in RENT when we were also high school musical Gleeks, so a lot of our reaction was personal.

The fact that Menzel and Lea Michelle actually do look alike makes the duet between the alienated mother and daughter that much more poignant.

1. Santana and Brittany (oh, and Holly)-“Landslide

207glee ep207 sc4 043 adam rse Glee Prom: Top Ten Most Heart Wrenching Duets From Glee

Photos by Adam Rose

Ok, so this isn’t technically a duet because Gwyneth Paltrow sings on it. Actually, she sings on most of it, but we just remember watching the beautiful eye contact between Santana and Brittany while Santana expresses how she feels.

We’d be lying if we didn’t admit to breaking down and weeping while listening/watching it. It was a hear-wrenching duet of gorgeous emotional connection between Santana and Brittany, so to speak.

  • What is your favorite duet from Glee? Let us know in the comments!

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