You can feel it, the undeniable change from summer to autumn and it’s creeping up on you like the boogeyman in a scary movie.

School may have been out for the summer, but now it’s back with a vengeance.

And we’ve got the best tips to help make sure you’ve got everything ready for the day school starts so that your summertime blues morph into how much school rules!

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Photo by Sabrina Cognata

Create a Homework Workstation.  

It sounds so simple, but it’s not.  There needs to be a clearly identified space for you to do your work.  You should like to sit there and it should be pleasing to you.  Pens, pencils, a computer & printer are some of the basic items that you should have at your desk.

You might even spruce it up with photos of you and your friends.  However, you want to keep the clutter to a bare minimum so you don’t have any distractions!

Before school starts, your goal should be to have this area setup so that the day school starts, you know where you’re going to work and you’re happy to be there.

Create A Master List Of  Your Parent’s Information

The first day of school is always the same, you have a million things to fill out.  More than half of that paperwork will ask questions about your parents, their work telephone number, their cellphone number & other emergency contacts.

If you work with your parents as summer winds down to have a master list of that, you can easily fill out all the information for your parents.

Plus, you should carry that information in your backpack year-round.  What if you actually do need help?  All that information will be on you and you’ll have nothing to worry about!

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Get You Back-2-School Shopping Done

This seems like another no-brainer, but rather then just get a binder and some folders you might want to take into consideration that there’s other options.

You could get a notebook with pullout paper and an accordion folder instead.  Not only will that cut down on the bulky items, it will help keep you organized.

In addition to the carry sized accordion folder you can also get another bigger one for your workspace at home for you to file away all the paperwork you’ll be getting starting the first day to school.

Also, make sure you have enough pens, pencils, post-it notes and of course a backpack.  Stores are having huge back-to-school sales and you want to get in on all the great prices!

Refresh Your School Sleep Schedule

It’s summer and we’re sure you haven’t been adhering to your schooltime sleep schedule cause neither have we!

So starting two weeks before school begins, start easing yourself back into your schooltime sleep schedule.  Go to bed early and wake up early, that way, when school starts you won’t be lying in bed desperately trying to fall asleep.

Plus, it’s sort of awesome when your body is adjusted and you wake up on your own and you’re not all tired and groggy your first day back.  Be fresh faced and well rested cause you want everyone to think you spent your whole summer relaxing!

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Pre-Pack Your Backpack

Once you’ve purchased supplies, you should start putting them in your backpack.    Thinking ahead is what sets winners apart from the rest of the pack and you’re a winner.

Make sure you have a space for everything, including your lunch.  If you’re a girl, inaddition to your supplies you might also want to carry a small makeup bag with a brush/comb, toothbrush & gloss.

If you take your time putting together your backpack you won’t miss anything and the first day of school you can sleep an extra ten minutes knowing that you’ve got everything ready to go!

Plus, if you wait till the night before school starts you are bound to forget something and you really want to avoid this!

Create An After School Work Schedule

Keeping a schedule is one of those things I cannot stress enough.  If you know you’re gonna have soccer practice everyday after school for an hour, you need to work in time to finish homework and study.

If you make a schedule for yourself ahead of time, and you stick with it you’ll be able to fit in the important things like watching TV & relaxing, instead of panicking that there’s not enough time.

Make a bullet point list and stick to it:

  • 2:30 – 3:30pm  Sports Practice
  • 4:00 – 5:00pm Homework
  • 5:00 – 6:00pm Study
  • 6:00 – 8:00pm Freetime!

If you have a schedule and you stick to it, you’ll never wakeup in a panic before school cause you’ll already have taken care of everything!

114362471 [Lists]  The Top Ten Ways To Prep For Going Back To School!

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Label Your Items

Your spiffy new backpack and your amazing glitter pens are special and coveted items that are yours.  To avoid first day of school confusion, label all of your things.

It’s a super fun project, get a special Sharpie and write your name on your stuff.  For small items like pens, write your name on a piece of masking tape and put that around your pens.

Not only will this insure you do not pick up someone else’s stuff, it safeguard you from potentially losing things!

Did we miss any awesome tips you have for heading back-to-school smoothly?  Leave them in the comments to share with other students!


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