Words With Friends’ Impact On Your Relationships

words with friends 320x250 Words With Friends Impact On Your Relationships

The day I married my wife, I know there was nothing written in my vows about playing that silly little game called Words With Friends. My Wife is ADDICTED! I’ll admit, I too, have the game downloaded on both my iPhone and my iPad, but I hardly ever have the time to play! Earlier this week, my wife let me know I was “dropping the ball” in our marriage when she approached me telling me it was my turn on WOrds With Friends and she was sad because I wouldn’t play her back. Really? Yes, really. So, if you’ve never played Words with Friends, it’s an app on and iDevice or Droid, as well as Facebook, that is sort of like the board game Scrabble. And by “sort of,” I mean “exactly.” I have no idea how it’s not a trademark infringement. It would be like taking the game “Connect Four,” tweaking the colors and then releasing your own version named, “Connect more than three but less than five.” My wife loves playing it. She regularly has 10-14 different games going with 10-14 different people. And she’s not alone. Millions and millions of people have downloaded the app. Most of my friends play it. Me? I barely have time to… never mind. Anyway, this got me thinking, and now I know I am not alone on my stance either: The 5 commandments of Words With Friends.

1. Thou shalt not covet your neighbor’s words. Just like in Scrabble, each time you play a turn, you have 7 letters to play a word from. Don’t covet your neighbor’s letters if they get the much-desired “blank letter” which can be used as any letter. Don’t act envious if you find yourself without a single vowel.

2. Thou shalt not cheat. Ha! Right. There’s one game and 10 different cheating apps! But seriously, no one likes a cheater.  You tell the apps what letters you have and the apps will tell you every possible word you can form. When someone used the word “Horjemr” in a game against my wife, it was clear they were cheating. How do even pronounce that correctly, let alone know what it means?

3. Thou shalt not strike a person who always adds “S” to your words. The “S guy” (or in some cases “ED” or “ING”) is the worst person to play in Words with Friends. This vocabulary villain waits until you spell a brilliant word and then lazily tacks on an S to the end of it, soaking up all the points with none of the work. But before you lash out, keep in mind, this is a completely fair move. At least they’re not cheating.

4. Thou shalt heed the call of “Your Move” quickly. Your iPhone buzzed. Your Droid beeped. Your smartphone essentially said, “Hey, it’s your move on Words with Friends.” Do not lollygag, friend. Do not delay. Make your move quickly and carry on. Obviously, I learned this one the hard way.

5. Thou shalt not be a sore loser. You lost. As I do often. Especially against my wife. In one fell swoop your opponent got a triple letter, triple word score with a Z and tore your word kingdom a new one. Don’t initiate chat with them to talk smack. It will come back to bite you. f poison like the wicked. In other words, don’t use the chat feature of Words with Friends to talk trash.

Any questions? Good. Oh, and if you want to play me, my username is buckradio. Get it!


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