annoyed 5 Things People Do That Annoy Me

We all have those certain things others do that really push our buttons, I came with a few things that really bother me when other people are dumb enough to do these things… I have a feeling you will agree with me on most of these.

love texting 5 Things People Do That Annoy Me

5. I hate when you’re hanging out with one of your friends and all they do is text their boyfriend / girlfriend when you are chillin together. I don’t understand why some couples have to talk 24/7 I mean give yourself a chance to miss one another. Do you have to know every waking moment that is going on in your loved ones life? It’s even more annoying when you are with your friend and they talk on the phone with their boyfriend / girlfriend. I have a friend that will talk to his girlfriend once an hour while we’re hanging out, One time he stepped outside when we were at a bar to talk to his girlfriend, I just don’t get it. When I had a girlfriend I hated talking on the phone with her… Guess that is why I am single LOLturn 5 Things People Do That Annoy Me

4. People that drive with their turn signal on when they are going straight is always annoying, who doesn’t find this annoying when you are driving? I mean how hard is it to turn off your turn signal… and how do you not know it’s on??? you must not be paying attention and you should always pay attention while driving!checkout 5 Things People Do That Annoy Me

3. People who take FOREVER to pay for their items are so annoying. I mean you have been waiting in line forever, why aren’t you ready to pay? What are you doing while you’re waiting in line? The worst ones are at a party store or gas station, I mean if all you are buying is a pop, what takes so long to find your money? I am getting worked up just writing about this LOL. chew 5 Things People Do That Annoy Me

2. People who Chew with their mouths open are Sooooooo annoying. I have some friends that do this, I am really hoping they read this and get the hint that no one wants to see or hear their food. I don’t understand how people just chomp away and find it ok. I mean seriously if I chewed with my mouth open and others could hear it my dad would back hand me. I guess some of my friends were raised by wolves. The 2 biggest offenders of this are my friends Greg O and Spencer Fitch (they work for the company) and Big Mike, man I hope they read this 🙂left 5 Things People Do That Annoy Me

1. The number 1 most annoying thing to me and really angers me and gives me road rage are people who are driving under the speed limit and driving in the left lane. How come people don’t know that the left lane is for passing? I don’t get it, we learned this when we were 14 and in drivers training. You have NO purpose being in the left lane if you are not passing someone or doing at least 80 in a 70. If you are doing the speed limit in the left lane GET OUT OF MY WAY!


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