Easy Ways To Boost That Booty

137915191 Easy Ways To Boost That Booty Guys like big butts and they cannot lie. Seriously though… flat, small butts are still not attractive to (a majority of) guys! Guys love a curvy woman. Just look at some attractive celebrities, Sofia Vergara and Jennifer Lopez, they are both small but also curvy in the right places. Amber Rose is another beautiful, curvy woman. Just earlier today we heard Wiz Khalifa talk about how attracted her “big `ole booty”! Oh and lets not forget the infamous Kardashian butt. No matter how much you cringe at when you hear anything about Kim Kardashian, you have to admit she isn’t an ugly lady, body and all, even though she has paid for most of it.

119273734 Easy Ways To Boost That Booty Yes, it’s obvious that any celebrity with an attractive body has probably paid to get it that way. Or they have the luxury of affording a personal trainer to keep it that way. We’re not celebrities but we still want that hot butt right? Allure Magazine has recently released a section about getting your butt “bikini ready”. Why not have a better butt year round? Here are some tips and tricks to make that booty pop, naturally, without having to visit the plastic surgeon for it.

First of all, you should know that the worst thing you can do for your behind is to sit… all day long. Desk jobs are anti-butt boosters. A Tel Aviv University study found out that about 50% more body fat is produced on parts that we put pressure on, while sitting. That means you need to take some time to stand or walk around the office through out the day, get that blood circulation moving! Next, you are going to have to add some new steps to your typical workout routine (if you have a workout routine). According to body expert Gunnar Peterson in Allure Magazine, “The biggest mistake people make is not working this complex muscle group from enough angles”, referring to the glutes. Here are some simple mix up’s to maximize your workout:

Power Squats: These are essential! The key is to do them correctly: keep your feet shoulder-width apart while lowering yourself to the ground as if your are sitting on an invisible chair. Get your thighs to be parallel to the floor and squeeze your glutes as your lift yourself up right. Repeat this 15-20 times. Another way to do this is using a wall, instead of squatting up and down, you adjust yourself against a wall with your legs and feet in the same position. Make sure your butt is at a 90 degree angle with the wall and hold yourself there for 45-60 seconds.

Hike The Stairs: Take advantage of the stair everywhere you go! School, work, the mall, apartment… anywhere you see stairs as an option, use it! Not only that, skip a step while going up. If no one is around, use the stairs for lunges. Lunge up two or three steps from the base of the stairs. Repeat this 30-40 times on each leg.

The Undercover Flex: Get a workout while you’re not working out. While you’re sitting in traffic, at your desk, or laying in bed, flex your glutes! Flex your right cheek, then your left, then repeat. Believe it or not – this will help give your butt a lift.

10 Instant Butt Boosters:

from Allure Magazine

Wear the right pants.
To accentuate your bottom, wear pants with narrower legs. They don’t need to be painted on or super skinny, they just need to be more fitted around the butt. Anything baggy disguises the actual shape.

Go indigo.
Darker jeans are better. They naturally make any butt look smaller and tighter.

Rise to the occasion.
Low rise jeans are better for smaller butts while jeans that lay at your bellybutton are more flattering for larger butts. The key is to look lifted and tight, not wide or flat.

Pick your pockets.
Over sized pockets can make your butt look bigger while smaller pockets make your butt look smaller. The placement is key too. To make it easier on yourself, always go with pockets that sit a little bit lower than the top of your butt. This will give an illusion that the butt sits higher.

Get a tailor.
What’s better than getting an expert to tailor your jeans for a perfect, custom fit? Nothing.

Sharpen that pencil skirt.
Baggy fits make your butt look bigger, in a bad way; too tight will flatten it. Skirts should naturally cup your butt. Again, visiting a tailor to have them nip the center seam in the back will allow for a perfect fit.

Avoid shimmer.
Any shiny fabric like satin, taffeta, and silk have sheen that draw attention to imperfections. Stay away.

Be well-heeled.
The higher and rounder the heel the better. Heels put in arch in your back which allows for a natural lift in the butt. It also adds perkiness and muscle tone. Oh, and they’re sexy.

No matter how comfortable leggings are they are not pants. Most ladies don’t realize they are also sheer. That means in sunlight, the thin fabric shows more details than anyone probably wants to see, including dimples. Do yourself a favor and shine some light on those leggings before you leave the house to confirm they are too thin. Or wear a long shirt that fully covers your bottom.

Camouflage cellulite.
Spandex is your friend. Even the smallest celebrities wear them at red carpet events! Spandex eliminates extra jiggle and smooths everything.

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