Since it is Friday night and I know you are getting ready for your weekend I figured I would give some tips for safe drinking this weekend! Let me know what you think!

  • Tip 1. Never go drink on an empty stomach I told you I got sick twice from too much drinking. To be honest, though, I didn’t drink that much. Both times, the real reason was that I hadn’t eaten anything before getting to the party. No, chips, peanuts and other tiny snacks are not FOOD. Alcohol absorption is increased by hunger, you get more dizzy from one beer on an empty stomach feels than from two on a full one.
  • Tip 2. You decide how much you drink, not your friends It’s not a contest. You DON’T need to drink all the beers your friends give you. Not all men/women are born equal. Some hold their liquor better than others. If you start feeling bad, but your friends insist to keep drinking, just STOP. Go drink some juice or water instead. This applies especially to skinny people – alcohol absorption is dependent on the body structure/weight, which also means generally girls are less alcohol resistant than boys. (though I’ve met plenty of exceptions as well)
  • Tip 3. Make it last longer Nobody likes it short.  If you finish your beer in a minute you’ll be the one not drinking while the others do, and you’ll feel compelled to get a new one. So, instead, make it last longer. Talk, take a sip, talk some more, eat some chips, talk some more. A cool tip one Englishman taught me was to mix beer and sprite – one bottle of beer, one of sprite, mixed 50/50 in one glass. It obviously lasts twice as long, yet you drink the same amount of alcohol. Your friends will not even notice.
  • Tip 4. Don’t mix the drinks and always eat between them This is also well known – don’t drink strong liquor(whiskey) followed by beer, by champagne, by strong liquor, by beer, etc. You’ll get drunk, faster and uglier. You’ll get sick. So, don’t: never alternate drinks. At parties around here, for instance, we’d drink the stronger liquors(martini, whiskey and such) as an appetizer, then we’d eat the hors-d’oeuvres, followed by wine with the main course. If it takes longer, it would be followed by snacks and beer. In the end, if the case, the sweet wine/sparkling goes with the cake. Notice the rule? Don’t go back, and always eat between different drinks.
  • Tip 5. Oily food – less alcohol absorption An oily esophagus/stomach absorbs less alcohol. This is a tip for the hard-core drunkards, but they probably know it already.
  • Tip 6. When dizzy, take a break After three-four half-a-litter pints and not enough snacks in between I’d get dizzy and start having problems with equilibrium. It’s time for a break – walk out in fresh air, get some water on my face, stay a while in a quieter place. There’s no harm in it – just tell your buds you went to the loo.
  • Tip 7. When feeling sick, go throw up If you didn’t follow through the previous tips, you may eventually feel really bad. The room is spinning, you feel a bit like wanting to throw up, only not quite so. The first time it happened it ruined the party for me. I would just sit in a corner, trying to clear my head and feel better. No success. Luckily, someone with more experience helped me – I went to the toilet and forced myself to throw up(one finger down the throat). After rejecting the alcohol in excess, and after freshing up, you’ll feel a lot better.

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