Top 10 Things You Do On Facebook That Turn Him Off

Facebook and social media in general are a breeding ground for over-sharing. Most of the time this just means a slight annoyance to your friends. But, could you be losing potential dates too?…

Below are the top 10 things that turn guys off on a girls Facebook:

1. You bash your ex: Man-hating is ok on a Friday night with your girls. However, publicly commenting on your terrible ex-boyfriends and bad dates make you look petty, immature and bad at choosing guys! Plus, guys simply hate whining

2. You overdo the duck lips: If your profile is scattered with pics of you imitating the facial expression of a bird…most guys will assume that you try too hard to be sexy! Also, it can make you seem like  a bit of an attention whore … or just your average whore.

3. You constantly update your status: If 15 minutes can’t go by without updating your status or Tweeting, he’s going to assume you’re either OCD or have no life. When your updates report your every move or reveal TMI, you come off as a self-important attention seeker with no sense of deciphering what is meant to be private. To a guy this can scare him into thinking some day you’ll put his secrets all over your wall, he’ll probz delete your number from his iPhone.

4. You “like” everything:  Guys love a girl with her own hobbies and interests.  But if you “like” an INSANE number of people, bands, websites, or tv shows, he may view you as desperate and eager to seek approval and jump on bandwagons.

5. You have thousands of friends: If you’re friends with everyone and their brother — literally — he’ll think of you as a girl who you measures her own cool factor by Facebook. Which, obviously also comes off as desperate. He may also think that you spend all your time following the lives of other people because you have no life of your own!

5. You play Mafia Wars or Farmville: Fantasy can be fun, but if you’re involved in multiple online commitments, you’ve moved from entertainment to obsession. Since most gaming nerds are awkward, he may assume that you have trouble in face-to-face social situations or that you have no life!

6. Public Friend Fights: This should be pretty obvious but this can make you seem very petty. Also, publicly bashing anyone can make you seem emotionally unstable.

7. Pics of Shoes or Purses: This is the mark of a girl who is extremely materialistic. There is nothing wrong with liking nice things or treating yourself to a new handbag, but when your timeline is filled with pics of your shoes and purses or links of ones you want…it is a little much. He will probz think you’re a gold digger.

8. Cryptic Rants: When you make a passive agressive post like “I wish SOME PEOPLE would chill the EF out…” it makes it seem like you are a poor communicator.

9. Inspirational Quote Pics: When you post a graphic with an inspirational quote…you seem 16 LOL. I’m all for posting nice, uplifting quotes, but when it’s made into a graphic…it instantly turns cheesy!

10. Too Many Kid Pics: If the kids are yours…cool. I love cute little kids! But when you are posting 100’s of pics with you and other people’s kids it may look to guy as though you have kids when you don’t!



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