This is going to be a long post because I had so much fun and I have so many stories to share!! When I checked my Twitter on Sunday around 1p this girl Tweeted me that she was already at the Fillmore first in line!! With it being so cold I was surprised but these die hard fans want the front row for their favorite artist. That’s dedication! When I arrived at the venue at 5pm I saw that girl wrapped in blankets who looked FROZEN red nose and all. She couldn’t wait to get in the door! To her that’s what it’s all about!!

As soon as I got there I had to rush back to interview Tegan and Sara. They were so sweet and I can’t wait to see the interview we video taped and share it with you. They were so excited to perform at our show and share the stage with artist they don’t typically perform with coming from the Indie Rock scene. After the interview I went on stage with my Amp crew to start the show off with Midnight Red!! That’s when I spotted Keaton from Emblem 3 backstage eating a banana!

Roxanne Steele

Roxanne Steele

Keaton was more than happy to take a picture with me and then we chatted for like 10 minutes! I asked him how Chicago went last night and I shared with him how I think 2014 is going to be a break-out year for them. He was thankful and excited to perform for Detroit! Some girls walked over and he signed autographs and then hung around to watch Midnight Red perform. Then the rest of the boys came out so naturally I had to get their picture too! I was so surprised that Drew remembered me! I know they do a lot of shows and meet a lot of people so I never expect that!
Roxanne Steele

Roxanne Steele

So after seeing Emblem 3 I went back out into the crowd and started to mingle with fans, and I wanted to watch Midnight Red for a little. They were so much fun on stage! What a great group of guys.

I heard that Travie McCoy was in the building so I went backstage to find him!! The Fillmore backstage is really confusing. There’s all these rooms and stairs. So I climb up these stairs and really have no idea what I’m looking for when this lady standing there asked me if I need help with something. I look up and she’s says, “Hey Roxanne.” It turns out it was my friend Denise who’s a record rep that I’ve known forever. It was one of those OMG moments! She knew I moved to Detroit but didn’t realize I worked at Amp! She was there with Fifth Harmony who were set to walk in the door any moment. So I stayed and we chatted and waited for the girls to arrive. They still had to do hair and make-up and get ready to perform in like 30 minutes!! Not sure if their flight was late or what happened. They didn’t seem bothered by it. They said hi to everyone around and were smiling and then walked in their dressing room to get ready.

Then some of the guys from Midnight Red came up the stairs. I’m like hey what’s going on! Two of them have their shirts off. I’m thinking perfect photo op! I introduce myself and ask for a picture. They were like of course just wait for the rest of the guys to come up. We start talking blah blah and then their manager comes in. He was not happy that I was in the room. They guys told him that I was just waiting to take a picture and he was like well she can wait out there and points at the door so I leave and he slams the door on me! I thought it was funny and was like whatever. I took off to see Fifth Harmony perform!

Fifth Harmony’s meet and greet was after their show so I went back to the little room it takes place in. I’m hanging out talking to listeners who are so excited that they won meet and greet passes when my boss comes in and says I’m needed on stage. I was bummed because most likely that means I’ll miss meeting the girls and taking a picture with them. As I’m walking back to the stage I bump in to Fifth Harmony!! I give them big hugs and tell them how much I love them, and of course I ask for a picture. My favorite photo of the night was my selfie with them!!

Roxanne Steele

Roxanne Steele

I quickly head on over to the stage. As we waited for Travie McCoy to come down I was finally able to hang out and chat with all the guys in Midnight Red! They were just so friendly and adorable! I got my picture!

Roxanne Steele

Roxanne Steele

Just then we start smelling trees if you know what I mean. Travie must be coming….lol and there he was. I never got to say hi to Travie or get a picture. Maybe next time. I did get to go out on stage and introduce him with my co-workers so I’ll take that. I walk off stage and my little handbag is missing! I’m freaking out. I asked the guy standing there if he knows what happened to it. He said the guy from Midnight Red took it and he was bringing it to Fifth Harmony. So I’m off to find him! I had no money but my phone was in there, and my phone is my life! I find Fifth Harmony who was leaving the meet and greet and at that moment Eric from Midnight Red comes walking in with my purse!! I hug him and thank him 1000 times!

Then it was time for the Emblem 3 meet and greet!! I head down and the best part of that was seeing all the crazy fans in line so excited to meet them. You have to win meet and greets with Amp so I know that these listeners did the time to win these passes! Girls were crying and freaking out. Of course I snuck in for one more picture… I LOVE these guys and I think they’re the real deal!

Showtime for Emblem 3 so I went out into the crowd to watch the show! That’s why I wasn’t on stage when Coop was like where’s Roxanne?! The sound from backstage just isn’t the same, and as a passionate music fan I wanted to experience it better.. They sounded flawless! The audience was completely into them.

Thanks to everyone who came out and I hope you had as much fun as I did!!! If you missed the show we hope you can come to the next one!


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