By Julia

“High school years are the best years of your life! Enjoy them while you can!”


Let me start off by saying, my high school career was a great one. I had a lot of friends from all different “groups”, I was a dancer, I was our class clown, and I had a steady boyfriend through all of my 4 years. I’m aware I had it easier than most and it’s something I’m grateful for every day.

But… what would possess someone to say that? As if I hadn’t been scared enough to set a foot into the real world and start making decisions for myself, you’re telling me it’s going to suck?


You know what sucks?

Getting up at 6-7am every morning to do work FOR FREE whether you want to or not. Being forced to play sports in gym when you’d rather crash your car into a police cruiser. Or going to any class you hate that day… because you have to.

And that’s not even getting to the nitty gritty. Why do I have to be categorized according to what I wear? Am I rich and preppy because my PARENTS can afford Abercrombie? Thanks to whoever tipped my mom for doing your hair, because of you I’m apparently “cool” this week. But next week when they find out how much I love Super Nintendo, doing puzzles, and reading case studies for fun I’m a “nerd” again, or “not cool”. Oh, and hello to the person I saw in the hall for the first time today that somehow knows I lost my v-card last night when I told NO ONE. NICE TO MEET YOU!!!!

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not totally dogging high school, or trying to make you devalue your memories or time spent. I’m just saying the second you walk out, the world is yours.

Whichever route you take; be it college, trade school, work, military, starting a family, moving to a different country… that is your choice. Maybe your superiors helped you get there, but this is where the fun starts.

The easiness, the routine, the decisions made for you day in and day out were why “high school was the best years of your life”. Oh, life gets hard after. As does anything you’re not used to. “Hard” or “difficult” doesn’t have to carry such a negative stigma, though. Sure, you’ll be uncomfortable, you’ll feel vulnerable. But that’s where you grow. Do you want to be the same person you were at 16 when you’re 24?

You’ll drop classes, boyfriends, girlfriends, friends, living situations, and maybe college all together. You’ll cry. You’ll do something stupid when you’ve had too much to drink and embarrass yourself. You might want to go back. LIFE will put you in situations you don’t want to be in, but through that you learn how strong and bad ass you really are.

And yeah, you’ll have to pay bills. This is another part of why it gets “hard”. Sure, you might go through tough times financially. But imagine finding something you genuinely enjoy doing and it bringing in money to pay those bills. Then how GOOD does that feel? I used to think I had no talents in high school because it wasn’t basketball like one friend or art like the other. Nothing in that stupid course catalog made sense for me either. I found my talent was my daydreams. My jokes. My creative thinking. My quick wit and sass. Seems simple, but it’s what I use daily at the career I’ve always wanted to be successful in.

Okay, okay, and I didn’t even get to the best part… NO. ONE. CARES. WHAT. YOU. DO. What made you a “nerd” or a “dork” now makes you unique. You’ll find equally unique people! You’ll become friends! And people who don’t even know you won’t care who you’re hanging out with or what you’re doing because they have themselves to worry about now that life isn’t set up for them!

Really, though. You can remain a virgin, or you can sleep with every person you see. If people talk about you, you have the option to leave that situation. You don’t have to go back the next day, maybe it wouldn’t be the best idea, but what I’m telling you is you have a choice to make your world anything you want.

Now sure, I might not be in a loft where I’m allowed to have 5 dogs and a butler yet… but my little one bedroom apartment and gas friendly car was something I CHOSE! Traveling any month I choose and not just waiting for summer is exhilarating! Sure, you probably shouldn’t ditch your college classes to go to Cancun, but CPS isn’t going to show up to your place wondering why you’re not there.

Look, high school isn’t terrible… But don’t make it sound like your “fun” is over. If walking to 7-11 and having your mom drop you off at the mall AFTER you study for AP Calc is the best years of your life… then I’m really sorry.

Plus, it seems like more people wear deodorant now which is pretty cool.




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