Top 10 Exciting Pop Culture Events Happening in 2018

January 2, 2018
A article is circulating the web with the 50 pop-culture events of 2018 that you can look forward to. But let's be real, 50 is WAY too many. So we went through and found our top 10.
  1. Camila Cabello's first solo album.
  2. Justin Timberlake Performing at Super Bowl 52
    • Super Bowl 52 is going to be exciting no matter what - but the Prince of Pop, Justin Timberlake, will surely put on a Super Bowl performance to remember (I mean, it is his third time performing the Super Bowl). Look out for that on February 4th.
  3. Olympic Winter Games Kick Off
    • On February 8th, the Winter Olympics will begin in South Korea! #TeamUSA
  4. Taylor Swift Begins Her Reputation Tour!!!!!!
    • Ok, we can't even joke about this one. WE. ARE SO. EXCITED! TSwift's stadium tour begins May 8th, but Michigan won't be seeing her until August 8th. We'll be listening to Reputation on repeat until then.
    • Other notable artists going on tour: Ed Sheeran, Macklemore and Ke$ha, P!nk, and Shakira!
  5. Roseanne Revival Premiers
    • Mark your calendars for this one - March 26th is when we can all see the loving Conner's once again, on ABC! Check the trailer out here.
  6. Lady Gaga Begins Her Las Vegas Residency
    • In December, mama monster is going to be starting a residency in Las Vegas! So if you've never been.... I'd start planning your vacation ASAP.
  7. The Incredibles 2, Ocean's 8, and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom are Coming to Theaters
  8. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Get Married
    • In May, the royal couple is expected to tie the knot! That's only a month after Kate Middleton and Prince William are expecting baby #3 to arrive.
  9. Frozen is Coming to Broadway
    • Beginning in March, Frozen: The Musical will be opening up on broadway! Spring will be a good time for musicals because Mean Girls and Harry Potter will both be premiering musicals in April.
  10. Taco Bell Expands Their $1 Menu
    • Honestly, all of 2018's pop culture moments will be accompanied with Taco Bell, so this is by far our favorite part of the list. There will be 20 new options on Tbell's dollar menu - and this will be happening all year 'round.
Which event are you most excited for? Let us know!