10 Times People Successfully Snuck Meals Into The Movies

January 9, 2018
If you don't "Bring your big purse" to the movies... then WYD? We've all done it. Whether it was homemade popcorn, $2 Munchos and a Brisk from the gas station, or going balls-to-the-wall with an entire plate of mom's Hamburger Helper... sneaking food into the movies is an art form. And people on Twitter are here to tell you about it, so get your notepad ready:
  1. A date to the movies COULD help you get a ring on it if you get your purse smelling right:
https://twitter.com/lamesharden45/status/905158527215423488 2. Or take it from Megan, who MUST CARRY A PIECE OF LUGGAGE AS A HANDBAG https://twitter.com/Megan_Rachelle4/status/944683988832210944 3. Kristen is living in 3018, and we're still just trying to get a bread bowl past security. https://twitter.com/Kristinhelmke_/status/925554768906457088 4. Make 'em proud, T. https://twitter.com/SuckaaFree__/status/934242831748816896 5. Is it "eating fresh" if it's been in the pocket of your cargo pants for 3 hours? https://twitter.com/InfvmousDraee__/status/950570936931143680 6. Make it a great week, or not. The choice is yours. https://twitter.com/madisonaw/status/950206714376343552 7. "Awww you're expecting! A boy or a girl?" "A five dollar box, actually." https://twitter.com/ThenYouLose/status/904228556443705344 8. The proof is in the purse. https://twitter.com/_kJade_/status/948384626149548032 9. Can you get on this level, though? *Hennything* is possible. https://twitter.com/killvkelz/status/944788520731860992 10. OMG love your new boobs! Who's your doctor? https://twitter.com/aidegisele/status/942267791352066048 Sound off! What have you snuck in and dined on in the theater?