10 Stores From Childhood That Need To Come Back

January 11, 2018
ICYMI: Circuit City is getting a reboot! [See here] Immediately when I heard the news I started getting SUPER nostalgic at every store I barely shopped at because I was a child trying to hustle off allowance. However, here's 10 stores that sadly closed and we're sorely missing in 2018.   1. Gadzooks https://twitter.com/KevEFly/status/894744852339974144 I always say I miss this store but I'm pretty sure I only bought a few things there while it was open. But it was a mall must. What they sold: Pretty much everything Forever 21 did. In fact F21 bought it to give it some final hope before it closed. Oh, and Von Dutch shirts and trucker hats. Very important. 2. The Lisa Frank Store https://twitter.com/aluu/status/267783960329871360 There weren't many of these stores in the U.S. but SOMEHOW us Metro Detroiter's were too #blessed for our own good because there used to be a giant Lisa Frank Store right inside of Lakeside Mall. What they sold: Dreams. Of the rainbow assortment. 3. Suncoast https://twitter.com/JohnCohen1/status/854895245300948993 This was one of those stores you never really bought anything from, but if you were on a hot mall date with your middle school lover... this was where you would go. Did they like the same music as you? Could be the breaking point. What they sold: Overpriced VHS tapes and CD's. 4. Steve & Barry's https://twitter.com/Ucbmoose/status/865244839717330944 Wanna look SO SPORTY and appease mom's wallet? STEVE & BARRY'S WAS IT. As I remember, everything was super cheap, around $5. It also was home of AMANDA BYNES' CLOTHING LINE. Damn. I'm shouting. I was excited about it then, and I miss it now. What you bought: Hoodies that covered your hands. 5. Sam Goody's https://twitter.com/compellingsites/status/927953858059489288 Before FYE there was Sam Goody's. (Another stop to make on a mall date, btw.) What they sold: Blank VHS tapes to record your shows and cassettes. 6. Limited Too https://twitter.com/Kyleez_/status/815300415881363456 I saw someone try to make the argument that LTD2 still exists... it's now Justice. Sorry... no. NO. NO. NOTHING WILL EVER BE. Nothing will ever compare. The store is gone. What they sold: Really tiny lockers to store god knows what, bedroom door alarms, cutting edge fashion, inflatable chairs... the essentials. 7. Discovery Zone https://twitter.com/KendraE89/status/950779514153467906 Not a store. But a staple from childhood. Was your birthday even lit if you didn't come here? Psh. It was THE ULTIMATE spot to achieve playground goals in the winter. 8. Media Play https://twitter.com/MendingMercy/status/870265846446387203 "What do you want for Christmas?" MEDIA PLAY GIFT CARD. I genuinely grieved the closing of this store. What they sold: It was a larger scale Suncoast or Sam Goody's. They sold CD's, books, movies, cassettes, but also Discmans, CD players. Ugh. 9. WaldenBooks  https://twitter.com/discountcompost/status/840018336083787776 This used to be THE BOOKSTORE. Also, the one most commonly inside of malls. REMEMBER GOOD BOOKSTORES IN MALLS? What they sold: Groceries. What do you think? 10. KB Toys https://twitter.com/danlederer23/status/950581694796632064 Ah, the store invented for bribery. Shopping with your parents sucked, but it was always *much* better if you were promised to stop in here. What they sold: Gak, bouncy balls, Barbies.