You Can Send Pillows of Your Face to People and It's Terrifying and Awesome

February 9, 2018
My boyfriend Josh and I are long distance. He's also a radio personality based out of St. Louis, and I'm sure it rips his heart to shreds not waking up to me laying diagonally across his entire bed with the whole blanket wrapped around me like a rolling paper. So to ease his pain this holiday, I sent him the best thing I could think of: my face. And actually Slacker's too... it was sort of a two-for-one deal, and he's Josh's best friend. Thanks to a product called MUSHIONS, Josh can go to sleep and wake up to us... every day... forever. What a fun, breezy way to tell someone you love the most that they should probably get a restraining order.     Josh, however, is adapting. It's like I'm always with him. Here's us watching insect battles on YouTube like we never parted ways. Want to enhance your Valentine's Day? Get a single Mushion for $21, 2 for $34 or a Monster Mushion for $34. Hopefully he doesn't change his number and move.