5 Signs You're The Side Chick This Valentine's Day

February 14, 2018
  1. He has to work on Valentine's Day. He doesn't have a job.
"Yeah girl, let's just celebrate our Valentine's Day on Thursday... I'm gonna be at work late. Work where? Uh... with my cousin. I promise I'll make it up to you. 2. Your box of chocolates has a 50% off sticker on it... because he bought it on February 15th. That or you're getting four-month-old Reese's pumpkins. Unfortunately, side chicks, you don't get the online order two weeks ahead. You get the "Oh S----" and "I'mma be a few minutes late" text.       3. He takes you out to lunch at a restaurant that is in the city you both live in, but location that it 15+ miles away. That might also be a drive-thru. You might also be asked to sit in the back seat of a heavily tinted car. 4. He is somehow *unavailable* after 8 pm on Valentine's Day. When he was working the job he doesn't have, they confiscated his phone. Extremely rude. 5. The really sweet Instagram post he made about you has a picture of someone else. ..... Uh ....