How To Not Kill People With Your Post-Shawarma Breath

February 26, 2018
Listen. If I had a daydream-y cartoon bubble above my head at all times, there would probably be a picture of shawarma inside it. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if I could bong a container of garlic at this point. It's not just a meal, it's a lifestyle amirite? DROOOOOOOOOOOL. But it's what I like to call a "two day commitment". That garlic breath isn't going away after one little piece of Trident, sis. You got a post-shawarma meeting? A hot date? A night out? You better work if you're not trying to melt a face with that dinner. Here's how to kick that stench quick: Eat a cut up kinda brown-ish apple: You're so full, I know.  And that looks kinda icky. But the browning effect isn't going to harm you, or taste terribly. According to Food and Wine, the color is caused by an enzyme that acts as a natural deodorant that'll quickly knock out the smell of garlic. A shot of lemon juice: Bottoms up! This also is scientifically proven to neutralize the smell of garlic using enzymes. If you can drink Fireball without dying, surely you can do this. Do it for the breath. Drink tea: Specifically green or peppermint. Breath MD says the two contain polyphenols that reduces the harsh smell of garlic. Order it with your meal or drink it after! Waterpik: Order a fancy waterpik that your dentist uses and waterfloss the hell out of your mouth. No garlic gets left behind. Amazon has them. My 27th birthday list is about to be lit. (HERE) And if you're next-level desperate here: Chew coffee beans: This sounds so terrible. Tbh a team should be cheering you on and a video of you doing this should be sent to Worldstar. But coffee beans are known for quickly cutting smells. But you have to decide do you want garlic breath or coffee breath?   Thank me later. Or buy me shawarma.