A $1,600 Uber Ride? Drunk Man Blacks Out, Takes Trip From W.Va. To N.J.

March 2, 2018
By: Nathan Vicar (98.7 AMP Radio) -- We've all had those nights. You go out, maybe have a little too much to drink, and then order an Uber to drive you from West Virginia to New Jersey. Wait, what?! A New Jersey man says he blacked out while partying in West Virginia and drunkenly ordered an Uber to his home state of New Jersey, USA TODAY reports. That particular chain of events costs $1,635,93 and Kenny Bachman can tell you about it, according to reports. Bachman was out with friends in Morgantown, W.V. last Friday, when he called an Uber to take him back to where he was staying at West Virginia University's campus. Instead of going to campus, the Uber driver took Bachman back to his home in Gloucester County, N.J. More than 300 miles away. The report states that Bachman woke up two hours into the trip, but didn't want to just be dropped off in the middle of no where, so he stuck it out all the way home. "Afterwards I had it fully sink in," Bachman told NJ Advance Media. "Once the ride ended and I saw how much it was when I was like 'Alright, this is insane, that's just crazy.'" Uber confirmed the ride occurred, the report states, and the driver took Bachman to the destination he requested. He says he tried to challenge the fare with Uber but ended up paying it. Bachman gave his driver five stars. See a screenshot of the order here.