Mom Changes Toddler's Name After Tattooist Spells It Wrong!


May 17, 2018

Roll with the punches, I guess?

That's exactly what one Swedish mom did, according to New York Post, after a tattoo artist spelled her new son's name wrong.

Now I know what your thinking: can't be that big of a deal, renaming a newborn, people do it all the time! Well, she went to get her son's birth name 'Kevin' tattooed after he was just starting to learn it at age two. Sorry Kevin, now you're Kelvin. 


Mother Johanna Giselhäll Sandström told local newspaper Blekinge Läns Tidning“I had never heard the name ‘Kelvin’ before. There isn’t anyone who names their kid Kelvin. So when I thought more about it, I realized that no one else has this name. It became unique. Now we think it is better than Kevin.” ​